Apples & Oranges June 21 08.00-18.00

Business Finance for everyone – Learn it in one day.

Learn Business Finance in a fun-filled and intense day.

  1. Highly popular business simulation Apples & Oranges™ by Celemi.
  2. One day interactive seminar, working in small groups.
  3. Location: Rue de Lausanne 44 Geneva.
  4. Language: English.
  5. Cost 700 CHF. Lunch, venue and coffee included.
  6. Early bird reg 550 CHF before end of May. Limited places.
  7. Registration link below.

08:00-08:30 Arrival and Coffee
08:30-09:00 Introduction
09:00-16:30 Business simulation
(3-4 years of business)
(Including breaks and lunch)
16:30-17:30 Learning Application
17:30-18:00 Debrief and wrap-up

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Business Finance competency helps you thrive in digitalization and transformation.

Market dynamics are driving an increasingly higher pace of change in organizations and companies across industries. For you, and your organisation to thrive in this environment, and deliver the revenue growth and profit, everyone in the organisation need to be self-driven. Everyone needs to be able to take initiatives, make decisions, collaborate efficiently and contribute to the strategy of the company.
For this to be possible, everyone needs a fundamental understanding of how value is created for the company, and how operational decisions and actions impact value creation. This is business finance!

Gaining new perspectives on how you create value in the organisation.

During this seminar you will gain new perspectives and deeper understanding of how to create value for your organisation through your job. You will understand key financial concepts and vocabulary, and the financial impact of operational decisions and actions. After the seminar, you will feel more comfortable engaging in conversations about finance with any stakeholder and understand financial communication better.

Who is this valuable for?

This training is designed for all professionals at any level of the company, and in any function of the organisation. There is no pre-requisite knowledge required for the seminar. The training is focused on a manufacturing business model, but the underlying knowledge is relevant (and easily transferrable) to any other business models.

Customer Testimonials

Customer Tesitmony

“Victor Svensson from The Hybrid Experience brought an amazing energy and leadership to the seminar…”

Oliver TABURET Managing Partner

Customer Tesitmony

“With sessions of 40 to 80 people… each participant can see that he or she has hand in the company’s cash position.”
—Bernard Prunet, Vice President ESPRIT Project Airbus Helicopters

Customer Tesitmony

“I’ve learned that significant change programs need to be seen as a series of synchronized work streams – essentially projects.” -Seán Meehan, Martin Hilti Professor of Marketing and Change at IMD

Learn more about the Learning Method, the Results and the Impact

Board based business simulations and the power of learning

This is a seminar where you are in control of your learning. We will not put you in a student bench and teach you through lengthy presentations and speeches. We put you around a table in a small group of 3-4 participants and you will be able to learn, explore, discuss and have fun throughout the day. This is what the business simulation Apples & Oranges™ is all about.
You, the participants, take charge of a company and you run the business for 3-4 years. You will be responsible for the results and you will try different ways to improving performance of the company each year.
As you go through the business simulation, you will discover and work on financial concepts, and do hands-on reporting, analysis and explanation of the financial and business results. The entire day is highly interactive, and you are learning by doing. In the end of the business simulation, we will connect back the learnings and theories to your reality, and how the learnings apply to your work.
The Celemi Apples & Oranges board based (physical) business simulation, that will guide you through the day. You will also get a handbook that has the key concepts, and tools for the reporting and analysis, that you take home with you. We will also use an online tool for profit simulation, and self-assessment.

What you learn

  1. Learn how to read and interpret financial statements
  2. Learn how to identify critical elements affecting profitability
  3. Learn how to analyze financial ratios and key performance indicators
  4. Get an understanding of financial- and management concepts
  5. Know how to deploy company resources more efficiently

What you use it for

  1. Make faster and better decisions in your daily work, based on finance insights.
  2. Taking a result-oriented approach to programs and activities, measure performance and finance results.
  3. Identify, prioritize and focus on the job tasks and initiatives that creates the most value.
  4. Engage in more strategic and financial dialogues with management.
  5. Understand how the business generates profit today, and how it needs to generate profit in the future

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The Power of Learning (About Celemi)

The Hybrid Experience is a Certified Solutions Partner of Celemi. Celemi creates some of the best business simulation in the world, and their philosophy is built on Klas Mellander’s (founder of Celemi) belief that the best way to absorb knowledge that lasts is for learners to take responsibility for their own learning. Learners should think, explore and discover for themselves. They should make mistakes and learn from them. The Learning Spiral is how we unlock The Power of Learning by recreating a spontaneous learning process:

  1. Motivation – we motivate by triggering curiosity and enthusiasm.
  2. Information – we provide only the necessary information.
  3. Process – we use dialogue, play and reflection to let learners process the new information.
  4. Aha! moment – when everyone reaches individual ‘aha’ moments of understanding and insight.
  5. Action – we help everyone turn their insights into actions for their daily work.

Learn more about the power of learning and Celemi here: Here

See what Apples & Oranges can do for a business here

The Hybrid Experience Approach

My Name is Victor Svensson, I am the founder of The Hybrid Experience, and I will be facilitating this seminar.

In our seminars, we do not apply strict boundaries and we do not shy away from difficult questions. We do not stick to the text book (or the rule book for that matter). We go where you want to go. Do you have a pressing business issue that you want and need to discuss? Bring it on. Are there sensitive or even taboo topics that makes you uncomfortable? We have the competency to address it in the right way.

You can learn more about The Hybrid Experience values Here

You can read about some of our Customer reference cases Here


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  1. I feel comfortable speaking about finance concepts, measures and metrics.
  2. I understand how my daily activities and actions at work impacts the company financial and non-financial results.
  3. I understand how my role, my team and my organization create shareholder value.
  4. I have a method to identify value drivers and take action to improve business performance.
  5. I understand the concepts of economies of scale and fix vs. variable costs.
  6. I understand how my role impacts sales and profitability, directly and indirectly.
  7. I can explain what cash flow is and why it is important for my company.

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  1. Date: Friday June 21 2019
  2. Location: Rue de Lausanne 44 Geneva.
  3. Language: English.
  4. Fee: 700 CHF (Incl VAT). Lunch, venue and coffee included.
  5. Early bird fee: 550 CHF (Incl VAT) before end of May – Limited # of seats.
  6. Cancellation fee: 20% before June 1, 50% after June 1, 100% after June 20
  7. Registration is final and valid when fee is paid.