539 ways to spark creativity and unleash the energy of your team or organisation

We design the experience of a keynote spark with purpose. Your purpose. What is the impact you want to create? A shock to wake people up? Contain emotions and stress? Do you seek inspiration and motivation? Is there a need to spark new ideas? Or do you want to mobilize the collective strength to execute and win?

We are trained and skilled to tune in to the audience’s mood and needs. We meet you where you are. This may set us aside from others, who might be charismatic experts, but who will do “their thing”. We do “your thing”.

What we do

Why “Keynote Sparks”? The “Keynote” we bring is change, transition, behavior, emotions and business impact. We believe this theme apply to every part of every organisation. The “Spark”? We believe we can help you start something new. Something that bubbles with energy and motivation, and positive spirit.

  1. Management vs. Leadership – healthy tension to drive change AND performance.
  2. New ways of working – do you really need a new organisation model for that?
  3. Culture, Values and Transformation – do you have what it takes to deal with it?
  4. Roles and Organisation – breakthrough events and shortcuts that work.
  5. Finance skills – the unexpected road to thrive in a digital, automated global world.
  6. Strategy & Transformation – the comfort of dilemmas and paradoxes.
  7. Cross Cultural Management – the perpetual blind spot in every global organisation.
  8. Change Management – making anxiety your best friend and key to success.
  9. Transition – the human side of the transformation, where it all happens.
  10. Emotional intelligence – are you feeling Bad? Glad? Sad? Mad?
  11. SWOT – the return of the giant. Digitalized, Automated and ready for 2030.

Limited time

We can adapt any of the formats to your specific needs, time available, and of course, your desired impact. Each of the sessions can be stretched to full seminars / workshops for half days or full days. A keynote spark can be a great way to kick off more in depth work a few weeks ahead of the event, to get everyone in the right mindset.

20’+10’: Short and impactful pitch followed by Q&A, if you only have half an hour for us.
20’+40’: Same pitch, and more elaborate Q&A, or a round table discussion. One hour.
15’+30’+15’: More interactive version: a pitch + small group work + conclusion. One hour.
5’+5’ x 5’: Power relay. Short pitches on several connected topics + Q&A+ conclusion. One hour.
40’+40’+40’: Highly interactive presentation + small group work + debrief. Tangible results. 2H
40’+40’+40’: Interactive Presentation + panel discussion + Q&A / Debate. 2H
15’+15’ x 4’: Power relay on connected topics + Q&A / group work. Fire starter. 2H

What you do

Time is scarce, so let’s get the most out of every occasion. There is no reason a fun event should not have a direct positive impact on your business, and vice versa. We enable you to get the most out of your activities inside and outside your office.

  1. Take your team to lunch: We speak, you eat, we all discuss and make a strong impact.
  2. Meet up after work: You socialize, We make it meaningful.
  3. Boost your operational meetings: We join you where you are, and help you change the conversation.
  4. Team building events: You work hard, and you have fun. We bring energy and relevant content.
  5. Training and development: You define the impact you want to get. We help you design the experience to get it.
  6. Quarter or Year End Celebrations: You bring the cake. We put cherries on it 🙂
  7. No activities planned? Start small! You give us two hours, and we prepare something great for you.

Maximum impact

We promise you a keynote spark like no other, and that is what we deliver. Thought-provoking, entertaining, unexpected turns and well connected to the audience. We always set the bar high to get the impact, it is not about what we say, it is about how you react to what you hear. The Hybrid Experience is designing experiences for organisation to make breakthrough development and lasting impacts. The keynote sparks are designed in exactly that spirit. Call us for more information and references.