Maria Pulido

Member of the board

Maria - Studio Marie Robinet Photographe

Maria Pulido Svensson

Member of the Board

A global expert in connecting dots, people and business opportunities, and building bridges between cultures, industries and geographies.

<span style=”color: #2e2d2c;”>Maria brings a wealth of experience and pertinent perspectives to The Hybrid Experience Strategy and development, and embodies change and transformation. She started her career in Washington DC for the renowned thinktank “Inter-American Dialog” where she connected leaders and connected with leaders at all levels. Following the career in Washington, she moved to Europe and joined Hewlett Packard, where she was responsible for value delivery governance serving HP’s largest and most important corporate clients. Her current day job is at Studio Banana, where she delivers design driven transformation to a wide array of clients, enabling change and value creation, and new ways of working.</span>



Intuitive thinking




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