Boost your Digital Transformation

A 2-day executive learning course in collaboration with HEG.

Boost your digital transformation

They say that digital transformation is 90% about people. But what does that mean in practice?

This 2-Day course is designed to bring new perspectives & practices of how to make digital transformation efforts successful. It is an interactive learning experience where we explore the current critical technical building blocks of the digital transformation, and their implications on business and organisations. We then continue to explore and discover how the digital transformation impact people and the human experience at work, which unlocks opportunities to lead and manage change in new ways with more impact, and shift to a more positive mindset. It is a course designed for senior managers, leaders and change agents that wants to bring new energy and get better return out of existing investment and initiatives.

  • 2 Days in person sessions.
  • For managers & senior experts.
  • Price: 1650 CHF per person
  • Next Session: November 24-25 2023 IN FRENCH
  • Location: HEG Geneva.

Program & Facilitators

A collaboration between The Hybrid Experience & HEG Geneva


We have created this program together with Haute école de gestion de Genève (Geneva School of Business Administration) and it is part of the continuous professional education offering at HEG.

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Head of Insight & Enterprise Architects Oracle Northern Europe.

Director of the Executive program @ HEG Geneva: Certificate of Advanced Studies Digital Transformation.

Lecturer HEC Paris, EPFL and St. Gallen.

See full profile: Yvan Cognasse | LinkedIn


Founder Hybrid Experience

10+ Years of experience in consulting, coaching and learning experience design in the field of leadership, management, change & transformation.

10+ years of experience from high pace growth in IT industry cross functions .

Graduate of INSEAD Executive Master in Change program 2015-1017.

See full profile: Victor Svensson | LinkedIn

Digital Transformation & Human Transition

Making the Digital Transformation a success by re-thinking how to lead people and business during times of change.

Continued Digital Transformation is inevitable for businesses and organisations to thrive in the future. This creates challanges at all levels, from strategy to execution. Being in continuous transformation is weighing heavy on the organisation, and it is not easy to keep the teams engaged, motivated and positive about the change. So, what can we do to boost the energy and instill a positive mind-set in the organization?

  1. Introduction to Digital transformation & organizational dynamics – a strategic view
  2. Examination of current key technologies, and their impact on individuals, teams and organisations at large
  3. Human Dimension of change & Transformation: Developing understanding of and pactises to lead and mange [during times of] change
  4. Digital and organizational maturity: A systematic approach to understand willingness and ability.

Experience Engaging Learning Methods

Content is derived from the past 20+years of operational experience in digital transformation across functions, from IT solutions vendor perspective, Client perspective and transformation and change consulting perspective.

Clinical Cases: Participants bring real situations from work to practice learnings.

Co-creation: Practical workshops to move from theoretical learning to action.

Peer coaching and advisory: Facilitated group discussions and shared experience.

Pre-reading and self-study: To free up time for practical work in the session.

Participants will bring a set of tangible templates, tools, methods & concepts back to work that can be further used as management and leadership tools and integrated into existing frameworks.

Positive /ˈpɒzɪtɪv/ : Constructive, optimistic, or confident.

Mindset /ˈmʌɪn(d)sɛt/ : The established set of attitudes held by someone.

Oxford Languages

Are you transforming with a Positive Mindset?

Change the conversation – shift mindset

We designed this learning experience for senior professionals that has experience in and are involved in digital transformations in one way or another. Leaders and managers that own or sponsor digital transformation projects and strategies and want to bring new energy into the organisation. We designed it for business and people managers that experience transformation fatigue and stagnation of progress within their teams, or the larger organisation. We designed it for those that are stretched with and disrupted by comprehensive transformations occurring while running the day-to-day business operations. For all those that wants to learn new, smart ways to get more done with less effort, and infuse a positive mindset towards Digital Transformation in the organisation.

In the learning session, participants will acquire new knowledge about Digital and Technology: Technology trends, key technologies, data centric organisation, data management, artificial intelligence, automation and much more. Participants will also learn new theoretical and practical concepts of the Human Dimension in digital transformation: roles, organisational dynamics, transformation dynamics, psychology of transition, resistance to change, (problem solving and collective intelligence), and more. Participants will discover new perspectives and get to new levels of awareness and insights about their context, organisation, role, and about themselves. We will practice new knowledge and insights on real situations from participant’s daily work.

Once back to work, participants will be able to re-energize themselves and others to engage in and drive digital transformation with a positive mindset. They will be able to stimulate curiosity and the appetite for learning about new technologies and digital solutions, as well as adapting leadership and management practices to reduce tension & resistance, anticipate and overcome obstacles, and increase engagement & alignment.


Digital Curiosity and emotions at work…

Content Block 1. Introduction to Digital transformation & organizational dynamics – a strategic view: Explore and discover; the opportunities and threats of the digital transformation, the current societal and human context, the impact on organisations, professional roles and individuals, key success factors to navigate the transformation, and how to transition, on a technical level and on a psychological level.

Content Block 2. Impact of key technologies: Examination of current key technologies, and their impact on individuals, teams and organisations at large, Key emerging technologies: Artificial intelligence, automation, blockchain, technology @ work: Business model and operating model evolution, Opportunity evaluation: risks and challenges in the digital ecosystem.

Content Block 3. Human Dimension of change & Transformation: Developing understanding of and pactises to lead and mange; emotions at work, the dynamics of resistance to change, culture, values, hidden assumptions and beliefs, problem solving during uncertainty, and more.

Content Block 4. Digital and organizational maturity: A systematic approach to understand what the organisation is willing and able to engage in, identify where to start and what to do to move forward with serenity and a positive mindset, Assessment of the digital maturity, Assessment of the organisations willingness and ability to change.

Wrap-up. Consolidation of a draft individual action plan  and next steps.

"They say Digital Transformation is 90% about people. But what does that mean in practical terms, in the day to day job?"

Take the leap

Re-boost your Digital Transformation

This program is part of the continuous professional education offering at HEG – Haute école de gestion de Genève (Geneva School of Business Administration)

  • The program is delivered in French and English.
  • 2 Days in person sessions at HEG Campus.
  • For managers & senior experts.
  • Price: 1650 CHF per person.
  • Next Session FRENCH: November 25-26 2023
  • Next Session ENGLISH: Coming soon
  • Location: HEG Geneva.

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About The Hybrid Experience

Lead & Manage Change with a sharp edge.

Over the past 20+ years, we have developed very specific capabilities to manage & lead change in complex situations, and we have made it our craft to transfer this knowledge in the most impactful way possible, to give clients a sharp edge to manage & lead [during] change & transformation.

The Business Experience comes from leadership positions in a hypergrowth tech business for 10+ years, and the Human Experience from 10+ years of consulting, enabled by the EMC Program at INSEAD. Over the years, our capabilities & knowledge transfer have been put to test in the most demanding change & transformation programs, across industries, geographies, and different type of transformations.

What makes Hybrid Experience different is the connection we help you make between the Business Experience, that motivates and inspire employees, and the Human Experience, that drives behavior and builds culture.

And collaboration is close to our hearts, since it is one of the key pillars to successful transformation. We collaborate with a wide range of partners, from large international institutions and corporations, to local experts in our fields of interests,  and we are part of large networks of independent coaches, consultants and facilitators.

This is how we make change happen.


  1. Reboost your Digital Transformation
  2. Focus on the human dimensions
  3. Work on real life challanges
  4. Leading edge theory
  5. Practical methods and tools
  6. Action plan & next steps


  1. Change to a positive mindset
  2. Enable people to succeed
  3. Make learning relevant
  4. Triggers curiosity
  5. Stimulates action at work
  6. Simplified Implementation


  1. Improves execution & results
  2. Leads to business success
  3. Reduce time & effort to get results
  4. Inspiration & engagement
  5. Drives efficiency & effectiveness
  6. Quick and good ROI & ROTI

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