PROCADRES International Switzerland

Developing business transformation skills, disruption, collaboration and leadership

The situation

The company PROCADRES International Switzerland executes Interim Executives assignments essentially in Switzerland, Europe and Africa, in three different situations:

Transformation projects – Crisis and Restructuring – Interim Executive:

4500 Managers in France and 500 Managers in the Swiss network.

PROCADRES International Switzerland is known for, and differentiated by their ability to provide value add transition management to their clients, and a valued add experience for the managers in their network.

The challenge

How do you get to know others on a deep level in a very short time, so you can collaborate effectively?

How do you prepare yourself for, and handle missions where you need to ramp up in no time, and manage crisis, uncertainties and difficulties?

How do you share knowledge from different experiences effectively, and put it to work to make a real impact on the business?

These are some of the challenges PROCADRES International faces at their client engagements, and for which they actively prepare their managers.

The solution

We customized a Hybrid Experience, replicating, and accentuating the challenges that the Managers face. We used the business simulation Enterprise™ – Celemi as a base.

8:30 AM: 20 Transition Managers are tasked to transform a business, as the executive leaders. At 9.00 am they are fully absorbed into the simulation,.

The teams quickly get a hand on the market, the customers, and they start recruiting. Year one is done. Everyone steps back to learn and share real life best practices.

After a couple of years of business, the participants have a strategy in place, and there is profit, growth and cash to invest further… and then it happens…

The impact

After the seminar was ended, we continued to discuss how to “plan for surprises” and take advantage of turbulent times. And the exchange continued over a drink where more insights were generated, professional bonds were forged, and new friends were found. There is no better way to create value than a structured exchange between peers, and no better compliment for the facilitator than participants that do not want to go home 🙂

The day gave PROCADRES International Switzerland better possibilities to project how these managers would engage in real life assignments. It also brought a more impactful community engagement with the pool of managers. For the Managers, it was a day of learning, sharing best practises and networking. And, it was a day of  FUN for everyone.

“Victor Svensson from The Hybrid Experience brought an amazing energy and leadership to the seminar. This is exactly what we wanted and needed to create the right engagement and ambiance with our “Cercle de Managers”

Oliver TABURET Managing Partner PROCADRES International Switzerland

“I was truly impressed with the high level of trust established quickly in the group. We had very valuable exchanges and we got to know our Managers at a deeper level, which makes our client engagements more productive.”

Geneviève BAUHOFER PROCADRES International Switzerland