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EXPERIENCE DESIGN – Unleashing New Ways of Working

This Video is (I hope;) highlighting WHY it is interesting and of value for everyone to take a bit of time to reflect and act on the notion of experience. I believe that can add value for anyone, and everyone.

More videos coming… elaborating of WHAT an experience is, or can be, and HOW one can go about designing a good one.


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  1. Victor Svensson

    Hey everyone. Thanks for testing this stuff. Any feedback you can add in the comments below will be much appreciated. and if you want to see how it evolves, click subscribe below. I will share updated (hopefully better) content, new content and I will also share what I learn as I move forward. Thank you again for the time. Victor

    • Martin Olsson

      Technical comments for the “Learning” video (can be applied to WHY as well but have not seen that one in full, yet):

      1. There’s an echo in the room. Try to “dress” it on walls when recording, for example, with a blanket – or make the sound-area smaller (hanging blanket from ceeling).

      2. Text (subtitle) the movie. Many people watch this type of movie without sound on. That way you have the opportunity to reach a bigger audience. Think mobile-first when doing this.

      3. The lightning is a bit dark in my humble opinion, try adding additional light.

      4. Good position of you in the camera. (You look better on video than IRL …)

      That’s my 2 cents.


      • Victor Svensson

        Thank you Martin. This is so useful. I did not hear the eco until you mentioned it.. but it is clearly there. I actually had hung a blanket over the whiteboard, but that was not enough:) And same thing with the light, had an extra light, but not enough. Next version will be better :). Thanks again.

    • Martin Tidell

      Victor, now you can put a new title on your CV: Youtuber!

      I can’t add anything of value beyond mo’s great comments, related to the video recording.

      When I see messaging like this, I always look for purpose, the “why” you also discuss. Is a video like this intended to market and position T.H.E in general? If yes, I think it is great and serves the purpose well. I have a very bad memory, as you know, so I’ve already forgotten much of what you said. The one thing I will not forget (probably ever) is the stick and world cup final. It is a great analogy in itself, and it is great that you repeat it. I can relate that to my own business scenarios.

      Is it intended as a teaser, with follow-ups, I also think it works, however then it will require lots of effort to continuously produce new content. I hear this is what youtubers struggle a lot with; continuous updates.

      Depending on your main purpose in the video, you might want to consider a more distinct “call to action” in the end. It could be that you intentionally left it out, to differentiate from a classical marketing video.

      I really like the examples of context adapted experience design. This is in my experience rare in business.

      Other comments:

      29 s into the video (too many examples/words – to me becomes just words)
      2 m 55 s into the video (too many examples/words – to me becomes just words)

      Very good “aware silence” in between messages instead of “um, hm” or other non-value adding sounds.

      Finally an observation. You as a speaker have two quite different appearances in video 1 and video 2. Perhaps this is evidence of you eating your own dog food. Different experience for different contexts. If is is not intentional, there might be something for you to think about. I like the more relaxed Victor in video 1. The more “professional” Victor in video 2 is also good, but also more traditional (similar to Simon Sinek approach). In video 2, just like mr Sinek, you look more serious, perhaps concerned, more important in a way I guess. Personally I think I prefer the style of video 1 still. Just roll the two videos simultaneously without sound and I think you’ll see the difference. Your eyebrows are higher in video 1. Angry and serious looking people have low eyebrows 😉 Hard to say which is better, but there is a significant difference between the two.

      That’s my 3 cents

      • Victor Svensson

        Tjena. That was more than 3 cents… Thank you very much. One thing that is really creepy is that you use the expression “eat your own dog-food”. That was my introduction of the video, until it got replaced by the “pointy stick”. I was even going to buy a can of dog food and (pretend to) eat it…. The difference of style might be concentration, in V1 I had no script, no preparation, one shot. Total time investment 20 minutes including edit and posting… V2 I re-wrote the script ~50 times, I shot at least 15 version, and rehearsed 50 times. I was very concentrated… total time investment 30 hours… I hope that with practise the 2 different styles and approaches will converge… and for too many words, I hear you. it was also the most difficult to memorize and get right in the rhythm. The though behind it was to speed up and energize the whole thing… it is now under reconsideration 🙂 🙂 Thank you again for everything, really useful.

    • Rob Kaufman

      First and foremost, thanks for including me in the panel. Exciting to see you pivot into the unknown given the current circumstances/environment. We all need to push our comfort zones right now.
      I have read through the comments from Martin & Martin and both raise valid observations to which I am largely aligned (good to meet you both through this innovative method!).
      A few thought from my side:
      Beyond the echo and other observations, the video is good and the voice clear. Don’t wear black! And if you are doing multiple tasks, suggest you change the angle and cut the takes together to break the single angle/single take approach.
      The frame only shows your shoulders and head, while from time to time you use your hands to reinforce your message and we only see a fraction of that reinforcement. Either frame to have your full torso (no shame in confinement kilos my friend, we are all there!) and hands, or avoid the hand altogether.
      Love the « Pointy stick » analogy. I physically has to stand up when you cited this… that works, and works well.
      Having had discussed the approach with you previously, I get the jump from the storytelling to the strategic accompaniment to your offer. The transition may be difficult to follow if we don’t know you and what you do/how you work.
      You might think of how you introduce the work you did with your client differently (more explanation, what was the strategic intent, what were the outcomes) in addition to exposing the learnings.
      You only refer to the company name at the beginning and at the end – instead of saying « we » why not call out Hybrid a couple of times so that the name/branding hits home?
      I don’t know if you are equipped, but a very common method to really drive home the messages of to flash a single word or sentence on the screen to highlight/underline your key points. This could be valuable as you weave your tale.
      Finally, I agree with Martin about the Dr. Jeckle and Mr. Hyde personalities between the two videos (I’ll let you decide where you are which…). Perhaps a little humor or other less serious approach to lure your audience?
      Really exciting stuff Victor, Looking forward to seeing take two. Talk to you soon.

      • Victor Svensson

        Thank you Rob, very useful feed back. What I love of this process is that there is an unlimited potential to improve and learn. To your point, I will definitely work out a bit to make a full torso shot – I will come back on this 2021… some things are adequate for Agile MVP’s. Other things are ment for perfection only. I actually just finished shooting the second version right now. Some of the stuff you mentioned was already taken into account, some will come in version 3, and I tried a last minute tweak as well… Now I have a fun evening of editing ahead of me 🙂

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