Dynamic Change Leadership

Experimentation on how to Lead & Manage Change (differently)

Dynamic Change Leadership

The inception. A response to inadequate practices to deal with change & transformation

In 2022 we started a small group of managers, leaders and change agents, to exchange on the challanges we face in organisations, related to change and transformation, and the impact it has on business, people, and the managers & leaders in charge. Having unconstrained conversations about change resonated, and during the first half of  2023 we grew to a small community that now meet monthly to explore this topic.

It started with a realization that change today has a fairly negative connotation in many organisations across industries. People are tired of change. They might not believe in communication and programs around change. And, perhaps some of the initiatives to make change happens, despite the best intentions, were doomed to fail form the get go. But why is it like this? While we can find some plausible explanations in psychology, perhaps it can be worth hanging on to this question rather than answering it. In addition, change is a topic of endless magnitude and complexity, full of blind spots, illusions, paradoxes, emotions and other dilemmas. So how do we deal with change in organisation, 2023, where we are at?

That is what we are exploring together, in group setting. We share experiences from different sectors, industries, functions and geographies. We structure the exchange with emerging leadership and change theory. We test new, and old, models, methods and concepts. We brainstorm, “question burst”, reflect, associate and try to make sense of the challanges we face.

What emerged during the past year is that there is a need for a different type of change management. A different leadership posture. A different set of practice’s, behaviors and habits in the organisation. We named this Dynamic Change Leadership. Exactly what that is, and how to exercise it in practice is left to discover.

So, the experimentation will continue this fall , and throughout 2024.

Dynamic – dy·nam·ic – [dʌɪˈnamɪk]

A system characterized by constant change, activity, or progress
A person positive in attitude and full of energy and new ideas
A force that stimulates change or progress within a system or process

Oxford Languages

Pursuing questions about change

Why is it so hard to deal with change, and what can we do about it?

There are 3 objectives of these experiments:

  1. Help one or several participants advance on a real (work) life topic or challenge related to change & transformation (most things are these days).
  2. Pick up new ideas, tools, practices, concepts from the group work done to serve objective #1.
  3. Learn from the experience of applying alternative (to mainstream) practices tools and methods to deal with change.

We are designing interactive workshop sessions in various shape and form, to reach the above stated objectives. In each session, there is a clearly defined topic that we explore both from a theoretical perspective, and from a practical perspective. The sessions are highly interactive, and we use the participants own experiences as cases to learn from.

Past and future content

What we have been doing so far, and what we plan to do going forward.

Past Sessions (Spring 2023)

March 3 & 10 2023 Lead & Manage, Beyond Transformation

We have lived through intense, complex change over the past 20+ years, in various settings. During this time, organizational management evolved from hierarchy, to matrix to flat models. Change management shifted from isolated projects, to cross functional programs, to Agile methods. In this seminar we explored how the concepts of Ontology, Anxiety and Roles can help us understand change. We explored the challenges, how to use these concepts as levers to change, and we exchanged on interesting experiences among the participants.

May 12 2023: Befriend Anxiety

Anxiety is an intermediate grade of fear (stronger than Nervousness, but lighter than Dread and Desperation). Anxiety, or Fear, drives behavior. Threats, Risks and Uncertainty triggers Anxiety. Learning & Change does as well. This is why we explored how we can engage with Anxiety as leaders and managers. How to recognize he symptoms, to  learn to cope with it, and to “manage” it.

June 9 2023: Question Burst

As human beings we have blind spots. We are sometimes completely unaware of what we do not know. At the same time, we do not always like to be challenged. We like to preserve our current worldview, beliefs and point of view. These two factors create a dilemma, because if you want to unlock your blind spots, you need external input, that by definition will be challenging… In this session, all participants got a change to uncover blind spots and explore what they perhaps did not know that they did not know. Using the method “Question Burst” by Hal Gregersen, we were able to do so in a highly productive and stimulating way

Draft Roadmap

  1. September 2023: Finding clarity: Confirmed for Oct 6 15.30Do we always understand each other at work? And when we do not understand each other, are we aware of it, or do we live in the illusion that we have understood? Introduction to the concept of “Organization in the mind” – David Armstrong. No participants cases or preparation needed.
  2. October 2023: Exploring the human side of CSR: What are the emotional undercurrents that lead to or prevent action to advance on the CSR agenda. Prework to understand psychological and social defenses. Main method / tool used in the session: Free associations and metaphors as means to see new perspectives and make sense of a situation. Participant case welcome.
  3. November 2023: Christmas special: Draft idea to be confirmed…. Time to do something lighthearted and creative, pushing the limits of what work is all about…? Can you have fun with the systems psychodynamics? With change? With work? Ideas welcome.
  4. December – no session
  5. January 2024: You as a tool: A helpful perspective from the balcony. Take leadership techniques and practices such as listening, demonstrating empathy, developing emotional intelligence and showing vulnerability a step or two further.
  6. Feb 2024– TBD ideas welcome
  7. Mar 2024 – TBD ideas welcome
  8. Apr 2024 – TBD ideas welcome
  9. May 2024 – TBD ideas welcome
  10. Jun 2024 – TBD ideas welcome
"When you go beyond the preconceived ideas of what management, leadership, change & transformation is, you set yourself free to do whatever you want."

Paraphrase of Giovanni Giorgio - (one of) the founding father(s) of electronic music- in "Giorgio By Moroder" - Daft Punk

Practical Information

Possibility to join Experimentation Sessions – On invitation only.

If you are interested in joining the experimentation sessions, please apply by email info@hybrid-experience.com . We will then do a mutual evaluation of the fit with the program and the expectations, to optimize the value both for participants and the program.

  1. The experimentation sessions occur monthly, normally the last Friday-afternoon of the month.
  2. The sessions normally last for 90 minutes.
  3. The sessions are (for now) free of charge.
  4. There is no obligation to participate to every session.
  5. Confirmation of each session, and a detailed agenda is published ~10 days ahead of the session where a firm participation confirmation is expected.

For questions and further details, please contact info@hybrid-experience.com or use the contact field below.

Learnings from Past Experiments

Here you find the outcome of our experiments

The Facilitator

Lead & Manage change with a sharp edge.

Over the past 20+ years, I have developed very specific capabilities to manage & lead change in complex situations, and I have made it my craft to transfer this knowledge in the most impactful way possible, to give clients a sharp edge to manage & lead [during] change & transformation.

The Business Experience comes from leadership positions in a hypergrowth tech business for 10+ years, and the Human Experience from 10+ years of consulting, enabled by the EMC Program at INSEAD.

Over the years, our capabilities & knowledge transfer have been put to test in the most demanding change & transformation programs, across industries, geographies, and different type of transformations.

What makes Hybrid Experience different is the connection we help you make between the Business Experience, that motivates and inspire employees, and the Human Experience, that drives behaviour and builds culture.

This is how we make change happen.

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