Dynamic Change Leadership for Executives

A 4-6 hours discovery workshop designed to bring new perspectives on Change Leadership


Dynamic Change Leadership: 4-6 hours in-person exploration workshop

This discovery workshop is designed to provide new perspectives on what it means to lead & manage (during) transformation & change, and equip CEOs and their management teams to create the conditions for success for the rest of the organization.

It is designed for the executive teams that would like to stimulate the organization to engage in change and transformation in new ways, take initiatives to execute on strategy and embrace new ways of working.

  1. 4-6 hours in person workshop.
  2. For Executives concerned by transformation & change.
  3. On demand for groups of 5-15 participants.
  4. Options: pre-session assessment & post-session coaching.
  5. Price: 9’5oo CHF excl. options and additional customization

Dynamic Change Leadership

New perspectives & practices creating conditions for success

Leading and managing in the current conditions is revealing unprecedent challenges for most of us. This  Dynamic Change Leadership workshop is designed to enable the executive management team to create the right conditions for the rest of the organisation to lead and manage (during times of) change and transformation,

We will facilitate an unconstrained exploration and discovery of how the individual and collective human experience at work is driving behavior, action, engagement, resistance, business results and much more. The team will be able to identify clear focus areas and key topics to continue work on and will leave the workshop with tangible actions.

This is not a new “revolutionary” method of change management. It is a set of powerful tweaks to the existing ways of leading, managing and working, to get more out of programs already in place in the organisation and to get better impact of existing investments and efforts to transform the business.

The 4-6 hours session will be predominantly interactive work facilitated by theory and concepts, preceded by moderate preparation work and succeeded by practical implementation of actions taken.

The underlying theory and concepts used are primarily Organizational Role Analysis and Organisation in the Mind, Tavistock. The work is informed by “Systems Psychodynamics” and “Socioanalytic Methods”, acquired from the Executive Master in Change at INSEAD.

Dynamic – dy·nam·ic – [dʌɪˈnamɪk]

A system characterized by constant change, activity, or progress
A person positive in attitude and full of energy and new ideas
A force that stimulates change or progress within a system or process

Oxford Languages

Target audience, results & impact

Is your organisation, your leadership and your response to change Dynamic?

This workshop is for executive teams that would like to stimulate their organization to engage; take initiatives, and embrace new ways of working. For those that implement strategy and transformation ambitions in complex environments and challenging situations, that wants to become sharper at making change happen, and that are willing to take a collective look in the mirror and go beyond preconceived ideas.

In the workshop, we will explore the executive team’s role, as well as the collective understanding of the context, organisation, roles, and individuals. We will draft a plan of action to address specific topics and issues to create better conditions for the rest of the organisation to succeed. Together, we will re-energize the executive team to bring new life and a positive mindset to the ongoing and future transformations.


Change the conversation – shift mindset

Introduction: Key learnings from past decades of business and organizational transformation, current key trends and patterns of organizational challenges related to Change & Transformation. Emerging leadership theories related to change & transformation.

Workshop 1: Exploration and Discovery of the participants challenges, obstacles to success and risks with current and future transformation initiatives and ambitions.

Workshop 2: Exploration and Discovery of the Leadership Team’s Role in addressing the challenges, obstacles and challenges, setting up the organisation for success.

Wrap up: conclusions, focus areas and topics to address, summary of actions and next steps.

"When you go beyond the preconceived ideas of what management, leadership, change & transformation is, you set yourself free to do whatever you want."

Paraphrase of Giovanni Giorgio - (one of) the founding father(s) of electronic music- in "Giorgio By Moroder" - Daft Punk

Practical Information

In-person workshop. delivered on demand for groups of 5-10 participants

We recommend this training for CEOs and their management teams. The discovery workshop is designed for the complete management team, to get new perspectives and insights about change & transformation at strategic level across functions.

  1. Price: 9’500 CHF. Included: Pre-work, assessment survey, adaptation of learning experience, delivery, post session evaluation, general implementation advisory.
  2. Price is approximative and may change depending on the level of pre-session engagement and customization of the learning experience.
  3. Option 1: Price on demand. 1:1 pre-session interview with each participant and further adaptation of discovery workshop.
  4. Option 3: Price on demand.  3 months of follow up coaching (1:1 or in group), coaching sessions (in person or via Teams), supervision of implementation work & support via chat for Q&A.
  5. Venue and logistics is not included in the offer, the workshop can be held at client’s office or in retreat off-site.

For questions and further details, please contact info@hybrid-experience.com or use the contact field below.

The Facilitator

Lead & Manage Change with a sharp edge.

Over the past 20+ years, I have developed very specific capabilities to manage & lead change in complex situations, and I have made it my craft to transfer this knowledge in the most impactful way possible, to give clients a sharp edge to manage & lead [during] change & transformation.

The Business Experience comes from leadership positions in a hypergrowth tech business for 10+ years, and the Human Experience from 10+ years of consulting, enabled by the EMC Program at INSEAD.

Over the years, our capabilities & knowledge transfer have been put to test in the most demanding change & transformation programs, across industries, geographies, and different type of transformations.

What makes Hybrid Experience different is the connection we help you make between the Business Experience, that motivates and inspire employees, and the Human Experience, that drives behaviour and builds culture.

This is how we make change happen.

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