Dynamic Change Leadership

A 2-Day in-person session designed to bring new perspectives & practices of leading change


Immersive session blending learning, coaching & consulting, applied to real life work challenges!

This Dynamic Change Leadership session is designed to bring new perspectives & practices of leading people & business (during time of) change, and equip participants with practices and tools to enhance the way things get done at work. We designed this experience for the managers that need to motivate and align teams, convert strategy, vision and transformation ambitions into action & results, while ensuring the day-to-day operations and business performance. The session will allow you to discover new ways to lead and manage (during) change & transformation, with serenity, reduced tension, more clarity and getting more done with less effort.

  • 2 Days in person sessions.
  • For managers & senior experts.
  • On demand for groups of 5-10 participants.
  • Options: pre-session assessment & post-session coaching.
  • Price: 14’000 CHF excluding options, customization and venue

Dynamic Change Leadership

Bring new perspectives & practices of leading people & business (during time of) change

Leading and Managing in the current conditions is revealing unprecedent challenges for most of us. This session is designed to provide new perspectives on what it means to lead and manage (during) transformation and change, and how this is different from change management as we know it.

  1. Explore & Discover the human dimensions of the organizations.
  2. Examine the Role of leadership and management during times of uncertainty.
  3. Enablement strategies, dealing with fear, resistance and other distractors.
  4. Dynamic Change Leadership in context of transformation programs and organizational change .
  5. Identifying practical ways forward to enhance existing leadership & management practices.

The 2-day session will be focused on practical interactive work, preceded by preparation work and succeeded by practical implementation of learnings back at work.

  1. We use “Clinical Cases”: Participants bring real situations from work to practice learnings.
  2. We share theory, conceptual and practical models and methods that provides alternative, complementary ways to deal with the participants situations.
  3. We have practical workshops with real time coaching to move from theoretical learning to action.
  4. We facilitate peer to peer learning through group discussions and shared experience.
  5. We provide digestible pre-reading and self-study to free up time for practical work in the session.

The Hybrid Experience is built on “Systems Psychodynamics” and “Socioanalytic Methods”, acquired from the Executive Master in Change at INSEAD.

Dynamic – dy·nam·ic – [dʌɪˈnamɪk]

A system characterized by constant change, activity, or progress
A person positive in attitude and full of energy and new ideas
A force that stimulates change or progress within a system or process

Oxford Languages

Target Audience, Needs, Results & Impact

Is your organisation, your leadership and your response to change Dynamic?

We designed this program for the leaders in the frontline. The people managers that need to motivate and align teams to pull in the same direction & get stuff done, while looking after the day-to-day operations and business performance. The middle managers that need to convert strategy, vision & transformation ambitions into action & results. The program managers that need to mobilize resources & influence stakeholders across functions. We designed it for everyone that does not have enough time, resources & energy to get everything done. For the ones that are a bit tired of constant transformation & the inertia of complex organisations. For everyone that can benefit from new practises that makes life at work a bit more impactful, meaningful & fun, and a bit less stressful & tense.

Through this experience, participants will learn new theoretical & practical concepts of roles, organizational dynamics, emotions at work, transformation, transition, resistance to change, problem solving, collective intelligence & more. Participants will discover new perspectives and get to new levels of awareness and insights about their context, organisation, role, and perhaps about themselves. We will practice the new knowledge, insights & learnings on real situations from the participant’s work. It is an opportunity to re-energize the leadership & management of change & transformation.

Once back to work, participants will be equipped to lead and manage the business, organisation & people with more serenity and get more done with less effort. Participants will be able to adapt leadership and management practices to reduce tension & resistance and increase engagement & alignment. They will also be able to stimulate curiosity & the appetite to learn in the organisation, for themselves & others, to develop & thrive during change & transformation.


Change the conversation – shift mindset

Introduction: Recap of the timeless challenges of leadership & management during change, and the  opportunities of  working along the human dimensions of the organisation.

Module 1. Role Exploration – A look in the mirror: We explore the relationship between the organisation, the role and the person, in its context. This learning is coupled with a practical exercise of analyzing participants own role and ecosystem of change & transformation, discovering what we do not know that we do not know.

Module 2. Emotions at work – A peek under the surface: We look at how the underlying emotions of individuals & collectives impact the organizational dynamics and behavior. We will demystify recently popularized concepts such as emotional intelligence, vulnerability and psychological safety, and identify rudimentary management practices applied on clinical cases (participants situations from work).

Module 3. Dynamic Change Leadership – In the context of transformation: We will share good practices from a multitude of transformation cases that we have been part of over the past decades, to start the conversation about what participants can do differently, and better at work. We will examine the Leader’s role in creating the conditions for success & explore what is working well or not in participants transformation eco-system at work.

Module 4. Collective intelligence, Decision Making & Action: We will build a practical action plan together, for participants to make the first steps of implementation a reality before the end of the session. We will make use of the concept of collective intelligence, to facilitate insight & clarity dealing with dilemmas, and to be able to move forward despite uncertainty & ambiguity.

Wrap up: Actions and key take-away

"When you go beyond the preconceived ideas of what management, leadership, change & transformation is, you set yourself free to do whatever you want."

Paraphrase of Giovanni Giorgio in "Giorgio By Moroder" - Daft Punk

Practical Information

In-person sessions. delivered on demand for groups of 5-10 participants

We recommend this training for people, business, and functional managers, as well as senior experts responsible for or contributing to making transformation and change initiatives successful. The learning session is designed for professionals with solid experience of change & transformation, as well as management & leadership.

Price: 14.000 CHF. Included: Pre-work, assessment survey, adaptation of learning experience, delivery, post session evaluation, general implementation advisory.

Price is approximative and may change depending on the level of pre-session engagement and customization of the learning experience.

Option 1: Price on demand. 1:1 pre-session interview with each participant and further adaptation of learning experience.

Option 3: Price on demand.  3 months of follow up coaching (1:1 or in group), coaching sessions (in person or via Teams), supervision of implementation work & support via chat for Q&A.

Venue and logistics is not included in the offer, the learning session can be held at client’s office or in retreat off-site.

For questions and further details, please contact info@hybrid-experience.com or use the contact field below

The Facilitator

Lead & Manage Change with a sharp edge.

Over the past 20+ years, I have developed very specific capabilities to manage & lead change in complex situations, and I have made it my craft to transfer this knowledge in the most impactful way possible, to give clients a sharp edge to manage & lead [during] change & transformation.

The Business Experience comes from leadership positions in a hypergrowth tech business for 10+ years, and the Human Experience from 10+ years of consulting, enabled by the EMC Program at INSEAD.

Over the years, our capabilities & knowledge transfer have been put to test in the most demanding change & transformation programs, across industries, geographies, and different type of transformations.

What makes Hybrid Experience different is the connection we help you make between the Business Experience, that motivates and inspire employees, and the Human Experience, that drives behaviour and builds culture.

This is how we make change happen.

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