Do you know what is going on under the surface in your organisation?

What holds you back? What propels you forward?

How do we manage organizational dynamics during times of change?

Interpretation of context & directions?


Shifts of power and authority?


Stress & Anxiety?


Flexible workflow and information flow?


Everyone engaged & enabled?


Invisible obstacles to change?


The Hybrid Experience?

We design Experiences that allows to explore and discover what is going on in the organization, “under the surface”. We help you get clarity on how interpretations, understandings and emotions about the business and organizational challanges drives behavior and business outcome. This allows you to see your situation with more clarity, make decisions that has positive impact, and ultimately achieve better operational business results as well as strategic transformation objectives. .

Dynamic – dy·nam·ic – [dʌɪˈnamɪk]

A system characterized by constant change, activity, or progress
A person positive in attitude and full of energy and new ideas
A force that stimulates change or progress within a system or process

The Business Experience

How is your organization making and spending money today and in the future? And how many different versions of answers do you get when you ask different employees? We work on “technical solutions” (a new business model, or operating model for example) in the light of what the future business experience could or should be, and what success looks like beyond the numbers. A common understanding of what the future entails drives positive engagement in the project. It helps overcoming resistance to change, and it enables everyone to internalize what they need to change for themselves as the business evolves.

The Human Experience

How are your employees feeling going to work in the morning? What do they feel they belong to? Where do they find meaning and identity? The Human Experience at work determines the behavior, the mindset, and the attitude towards change. Our consultants are trained in organizational psychology. We enable constructive change dynamics, so that you can lead and manage people through the challanges at hand, and achieve your business & transformation objectives .


The Hybrid Experience – a virtuous circle of engagement

Working on the Business Experience is inspirational and drives motivation in the organisation, which improves the Human Experience. Working on the Human Experience reduces tension, friction and anxiety, and increases the capacity to improve the Business Experience.

Collaborating across functional silos

A transformation and change initiative is a great opportunity to create connection and establish new ways of working. We help connecting initiatives across functions, that otherwise may operate in isolation, to make them more impactful, and ultimately generate a positive business outcome.

Breaking the Dichotomy of Business & Human

Facing ourselves is scary. It is also incredibly powerful. We are not putting the spotlight on the Human Experience to be kind, or soft, or to take importance way form the business. Exploring the emotional state of the organisation is only for the courageous. The reward is to find new strength to do better Business. A nice side effect is that we enjoy work a bit more relaxed and fulfilled, and find more meaning in life.

Our take on Change Management?

We go far beyond conventional change management to ensure successful transformations. We connect with frameworks such as ADKAR, PROSCI, KOTTER, 7S, AGILE and others. We use principles from these frameworks, and combine them with our knowledge of organizational psychology and change dynamics. The outcome is an approach to leading and managing change that is versatile, and at the same time very precise in its application and impact. We do not limit ourselves to a project that starts and stops. Change is something that you Lead and Manage continuously, across the entire organisation, constantly adapting to the situation in a dynamic manner. This paves the way for successful transformation programs, and for the organisation to evolve as it needs to.

The Hybrid Experience - Summary

Operationalization…. A long cumbersome word that brings it all together.

What we have seen over the past 20 years is that the big challenge that most organisation face, is to do just that, bring it all together. We can talk about a long list of challanges, problems, solutions, methods etc etc….. In the end, we help you bring it all together. That is what The Hybrid Experience is all about.

When you go beyond preconceived ideas of what change management and transformation is all about, you set your self free to do whatever you want, and to become whatever you are meant to be.

Inspired by Giovanni Giorgio in "Giorgio By Moroder" - Daft Punk

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