All organisational change starts with someone changing something about themself


About You

You are not like everyone else.

You want to create the right conditions for change. Real change, so that employees translate the business intent into new ways of working. You would like to benefit more from the existing strategies, initiatives, and programs. You recognize the efforts made across the organisation, but would like to see more impact from these efforts.

  1. You know that focus on Business and focus on People is not a trade off in a zero-sum game. Successful business generate engagement & performance, and strong, healthy human beings generate business success.
  2. You recognize that there are not always simple solutions to complex situations, but the value is in the journey and quest for a future high-performance organisation.
  3. You see the importance to create conditions for yourself and your team to learn, grow and develop agency, as a mean to take charge and make change happen.
  4. You see the value of developing internal capabilities and practices to lead & manage change and transformation.
  5. You have a curious mind, open for finding solutions that work for you, that you may not even imagine existing.

What is holding your organisation back?

Are you making bold enough moves, taking risks and change how you lead and manage the business, the people and the organisation?

Common understanding of context & directions?


Shifts of power and authority?


Clarity on roles, dependencies and deliverables?


Flexible workflow and information flow?


Everyone engaged & enabled at their level?


Authentic listening to other's perspectives?


About Us

We are not like everyone else.

We help you create the right conditions for change, so that employees at all level can translate the business intent into new ways of working. We go beyond transformation programs and change initiatives. Making change happen is a leadership and management challenge. We enable you and your organisation to lead and manage change. And we enable you to lead and manage business, organisation and people during these times of change.

Over the years, our capabilities & knowledge transfer have been put to test in the most demanding change & transformation programs, across industries, geographies, and scopes, with great success:

  1. We use real situations & problems of the clients as cases for learning. This means no “time away from work” to learn, and it means direct application and impact from new knowledge.
  2. We enable our client through practical tools, methods, and knowledge, as well as academic theory & knowledge, unique learning experiences, real time coaching and operational experience.
  3. We are not typical consultants. The potential solutions are to be found in our interactions, where we think & work together, for you to find your own way of moving forward.

We are first and foremost operational managers and leaders, in experience and in mindset. This allow us to have genuine empathy of the challenges to manage business, people, and organisation, and to cope with and lead change in demanding context.

We are also organisational analysts, focused on understanding the psychology dynamics of the organisation, and how this impact change, and how it impacts how to lead and manage change. The Human Experience in the organisation is what determines if change happens or not. There is plenty of invisible obstacles “under the surface” of the organisation, that may derail the business and its development. But there is also plenty of invisible opportunities to catch. Connecting the Human Experience to the Business Experience is what makes it all work in the end.

We combine experience from leadership positions in hypergrowth tech business, and from consulting, coaching, and learning, enabled by the EMC Program at INSEAD.

When we look at evolution of how to lead and manage change over the past 20+ years across industries and geographies, we see that the level of complexity, intensity, and difficulty to manage a business and the people  continuously increase.  So we have continuously developed new capabilities, services, and solutions together with our clients, to make change happen.

No matter what challenges you face, and what ambitions you have, we are here to help you achieve your objectives

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    Our Services

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    Our Portfolio of Capabilities

    Lead & Manage Change & Transformation

    Our portfolio below has emerged from our client-engagements and operational experience over the past 20+ years.

    It represents our view of what the most impactful and relevant capabilities to strengthen, to be able to lead and manage transformation & change. You can see the portfolio as a complete blueprint for organisational change, to complement your existing capabilities, programs and strengths.

    What are the most relevant topics for you? Where are the opportunities to lead & manage change better in your organisation. Take some time to brows through the different topics below, and let us know your thoughts.