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Are you ready for change?

We do not fit into the conventional molds of Consulting, Coaching & Training.
Perhaps the Future You does not either?

Hybrid Experience Services

We help you Lead and Manage Change, with a sharp edge.

We blend and draw on expertise & methods in consulting, coaching & learning. This, together with our legacy in operational business management allows us to design rich and dynamic experiences with our clients.  Hybrid Experiences that bring; new perspectives and a shift in mindset on what it takes to lead & manage change, and then practical help to make it happen.

About Our Services

Are you ready for a Hybrid Experience?

Most, if not all organisations struggle to deal with change, despite $ Trillions spent on training, coaching, and consulting over the years. This tells us two things: 1. Conventional programs are not effective enough. 2. If you get change right, you will get a competitive advantage in the market.

We have spent the past 20+ years in complex environments with high pace change. It has allowed us to build up a portfolio of capabilities to lead and manage change that is unique. Our services go beyond conventional change frameworks and theory, and touches on the deeper, tougher challenges that we have faced ourselves, and that we see managers and leaders face.

It is a cliché, but change is all about people. We know this too. But what does that really mean? It means that we need to have a genuine understanding of the lived experience of the people doing the jobs. We need to understand how they are feeling, thinking and acting, individually and collectively. If we do not understand this, change work will be theoretical and it will fail. This also means that change work never follows a predictable straight line. It can start anywhere and then go in any direction.

And change is a leadership issue. It is not a skills issue. It is not about the tools, methods or training. It is about leadership.  The level of authentic involvement of the leaders determines the success of any change initiative. And reversely, change initiatives provide a powerful learning and development experience for leaders at any level.

Is your ability to Lead & Manage Change giving you a competitive advantage in the market?

Transformation Programs


Be the change you want to create

Our consulting practice is focused on change and transformation. We provide advisory, templates for tested and proven practices, assessments and solutions to make transformation ambitions and programs successful. We have worked in this capacity with large corporations across industries, to transform business models, operating models, organizational structures and core business and operational processes.

In consulting engagements, we also draw on our expertise and capabilities in learning and coaching, as needed. We do this because we define success of our consulting to go beyond the tangible deliverables and make real change happen.

Our focus and methods, as well as our capabilities are usually complementary to programs and practices led in-house and by the large consulting firms. For example, our change managements framework complements ADKAR and PROSCI, our project management approach is inspired by and compatible with AGILE, and we often engage with and integrate our consulting into existing PMO and other structures at the client.

To get a deeper understanding of how we can contribute through our consulting practice, please consult our portfolio of capabilities here.

Our position

  1. We work with any industry, function and size of business.
  2. If you do not know what you need, we can help you figure that out too.
  3. We help to make the most out of your inhouse resources & knowledge.
  4. We co-create the solutions with you, so that they work for you.
  5. We are operational veterans boosted by academics and science.

The Impact we have

  1. Real change that works in and for the business.
  2. Personal growth of those involved in the project.
  3. Organizational learning beyond scope of the project.
  4. Co-created solutions that can be scaled and replicated in other areas.
  5. Motivated and engaged participants at all levels.
Transformation Programs
Support Programs


Group & individual coaching programs

Coaching can mean anything and everything these days. To us coaching is an engagement to provide clarity and allow the client to make progress, in the context of a business or organizational ambition or challenge. We usually coach clients in the field of leading and managing change.

We coach individuals that:

  1. Are changing roles, from individual contributor to manager, or from functional to general manager.
  2. That are going through change in scope of roles and responsibilities, for example during M&A.
  3. That manage change, transformation and complexity under challenging circumstances.
  4. That wants to grow and evolve in their role and career, and become better manager and leader.

We coach teams that:

  1. Are going through change and transformation.
  2. That wants to learn and grow, and improve performance.
  3. That struggles with collaboration and teamwork.

Our main credential for coaching is  the EMCCC program at INSEAD, a 2 year master in “coaching and consulting for change”. Beyond this training, we rely on coaching supervision with highly qualified coaching supervisors, as well as peer supervision with qualified and certified coaches.

Our approach to coaching is not following a strict upfront method or template, since we assume that there might be things we (both us and the client) do not know that we do not know. Our key differentiator is that we are competent both in the domain of behavioral coaching and business coaching, and we help the clients make the connection between these two dimensions.

The backbone in our methodology and practice, beyond the wide and deep tool box acquired at the EMCCC program, is the Organizational Role Analysis framework from the Tavistock Institute (among other sources).

If you are interested in learning more about our coaching program, contact us at or send us a message in the contact field below.

Our position

  1. Explore and Discover new perspectives on your situation.
  2. Find clarity in the situation.
  3. Find practical solutions to pressing problems.
  4. Grow, as a team and as an individual.
  5. Acquire new practical management & leadership practices.

The Impact we have

  1. Decreased anxiety and increased serenity .
  2. Identification of ways forward.
  3. Improved efficiency and effectiveness.
  4. Sense of ownership and initiative to make things work.
  5. Embrace roles, thrive and perform.
Support Programs
Training Programs

Learning Programs

How to Lead & Manage Change – with a sharp Edge

We have helped clients solve tricky problems related to change and transformation in a wide range of situations over the years. Where standard approaches to change management and leadership ends, we continue further.  Building on this experience, we enable your managers and leaders in a very practical way, with tools, methods, experience, and action plans, to develop a sharper edge leading and managing change, getting to quick action with impact. Here are some examples of the topics we provide learning experiences in:

  1. Psychology of Roles – what really drives behavior.
  2. Transformation – lessons from the trenches.
  3. Emotions at work – cant live with them, cant live without them.
  4. Change & Transition – a process view

In addition to this, we also provide foundational trainings for leaders and managers. We do this in the context of change and transformation, because of our experience from consulting, that informed us that foundations can be a major obstacle to achieve change.  Scaling change and adopt new ways of working becomes indeed much easier when everyone in the organisation understand the nuts and bolts of how the company make money, when everyone helps to avoid misunderstandings, and when people get on the same page and starts pulling in the same direction. This and much more is addressed in our foundations programs. here are some examples of topics.

  1. Cross Cultural Management
  2. Business Finance
  3. Business Management
  4. Project Management
  5. AGILE
  6. Corporate Social Responsibility

Our clients tell us they appreciate our programs because we help the participants making the content, the theory and practices relevant for them, in their daily work. We like to say that we meet you where you are at, and then we work out together how to move forward, in a way that works for you. This is what the participants are able to do in our Learning Programs.

Our Training Programs are for: Individuals and teams that lead or manage change. For leaders and manager in the organisation, that are responsible for people & business during times of change, as well as executives & functional managers. There is no specific pre-requisite to engage.

We provide stand-alone course from 1/2 day to 2-3 days, and we build more comprehensive bespoke programs for small and large groups of leaders.

We deliver training programs in person or via video conference, always highly interactive and supported by assessments, self-assessments, group work, clinical cases (real situations from clients operational work), practical action plans and continuous “coaching on the job” as needed.

Please consult our portfolio of capabilities for better understanding of the topics we address and our approach to change and transformation.

Our Position

  1. Advanced courses beyond conventional change management.
  2. We create and hold a safe space respecting each individual’s integrity.
  3. All our content is built on robust academic and scientific theory.
  4. We work on clinical (real work-life situations) cases of the participants.
  5. Standalone courses from half-day to 3 days, and bespoke programs.

The Impact we have

  1. Solve problems or make progress on current business and operational challenges.
  2. Understanding and working with the emotional and human aspects of change.
  3. Improve peer collaboration in the team and across teams.
  4. Gain confidence and boost energy to tackle wicked problems.
  5. More impactful communication and relationship management.
Training Programs
Other Initiatives

The Hybrid Experience

Our emerging leading edge development program – for the brave

Welcome to our most advanced, experiential playground. The Hybrid Experience is a program like no other, designed to get exponential impact on change and transformation. Our point of view is that to really make significant change happen, the leader needs to change her/him self first. If not, the leader will keep the organization locked into old practices.

Unfortunately, there may be some inherent flaws in traditional consulting, coaching and training programs. It seems like many of these programs have an inherent component triggering resistance. Consulting program often have a tangible deliverable with a firm deadline, putting implicit pressure on the leader to change, by a certain date. Coaching programs often have a preconceived idea of what the problem and solutions are. Training programs are prescriptive and imposing a certain point of view, explicitly and implicitly, often our of context.

All of the above generate resistance and defenses, instead of enabling change, as the programs should have done.

We have addressed some of these quirks in the way we do consulting, coaching and learning. This is what makes our programs unique and impactful. But we are not stopping here, we have designed a program that is truly changing the way we think of Change and Leadership, that has a significant stronger impact.

A program to feed leaders with knowledge, skills, tools, methods and facilitate action at work, that enables leaders to build sustainable organizational capabilities to change and transform.

The program is designed to:

  1. Have no preconceived ideas of what the outcome might be, beyond the above. (participants will explore and discover what is needed throughout the program, as part of the development process)
  2. Run over a longer period of time. (for the learning to be connected with relevant actions and activities at work)
  3. Have a group of participants that are committed to learn and change, and that have an open mind to challenge themselves (change is not a technical skill).
  4. Be a safe place to make the learning about change personal (some of the elements of change may be deeply personal).
  5. Be multidisciplinary (Leadership, Management, Change, Ethics, Philosophy, Art, and much more)
  6. Be fun and interesting.

The program allows participants to do the unconstrained exploration, to discover what and how to change in their own leadership, to replicate and scale change back at work. It is a development experience on the terms of the participants, that define what success looks like for them, through out the program. The gamechanger in this program is that since the participant experience is defend by the participants, we do not create resistance and blockage to deep change, as many other programs do.

Sounds scary? It does not have to be. There is no need to sign up blindly upfront for a major program. It can be started Agile style, with small gradual engagement, where each step forward is co-designed between us and the participants.

Contact us at or int he contact field below if you are interested in learning more about this program

 Our Position

  1. No assessment – Only Exploration and Discovery.
  2. Meeting participants where they are at.
  3. Focus on behavior of people in the organization.
  4. Understanding what is going on outside of awareness.
  5. Building practical capabilities for each participant.

The Impact we have

  1. Unlock exponential potential of change.
  2. Remove hidden roadblocks and unconscious resistance.
  3. Clarity on action that matters.
  4. Reduce tension and increase serenity.
  5. Faster, Better Business Results.
Other Initiatives
Portfolio of Capabilities


A few concrete programs to make change happen.


A Blueprint to Lead & Manage Change & Transformation

Portfolio of Capabilities
Portfolio of Capabilities

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