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Are you ready for change?

We do not fit into the conventional molds of Consulting, Coaching & Training.
Perhaps the Future You does not either?

Hybrid Experience Services

We are not a typical consulting and coaching firm.

We blend and draw on expertise & methods in advisory, consulting, coaching, learning and business simulations. This allows our clients to get a real impact in the daily work, where it matters, and a rich, and dynamic experience from our engagement. A Hybrid Experience.

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About Our Services

Are you ready for a Hybrid Experience?


We have spent the past 20 years in complex environments with high pace change. It has allowed us to build up a portfolio of capabilities to lead and manage change. Our services go beyond conventional change frameworks and theory, and touches on the deeper, tougher challenges that we see that managers and leaders face. We blend skills of Learning, Advisory & Consulting, Coaching & Business Simulations in all our services. It makes them practical, and it leads to action and change that sticks. There is always a need and a use to sharpen the edge in how do deal with change, for everyone at all levels in the organisation.


Real, deep learning is hard. Unlearning what you know, embrace new ways that are way outside of the comfort-zone, and change behavior is really hard. Especially when you have a track-record of success. Learning & Change goes hand in hand. This is why learning is omnipresent in all our services, both implicitly and explicitly. What do you need to learn, and unlearn in your organization to achieve your objectives?  Do yo have actions in place to make it happen?

Advisory & Consulting

Our advisory & consulting practices are designed to think together, work together, to solve the business and operational challenges at hand, and help to contextualize new knowledge into the day-to-day business practices. Always with real life at work in mind. Never theoretical solutions that never leaves the PowerPoint deck. If you are a geek, we will be happy to elaborate on the notion of being systematic and systemic. We are both and they are different. It is part of what makes it work. And it is part of all our services, no matter what we do together.


Adopting a new way of doing business is never a straight line. We are not rational beings (thankfully). Leading and managing change is a tremendous effort, and while we look after the business, the people, the organisation, the change programs, and the crisis that comes at us, we tend to forget ourselves. But for change to be successful, you also need to grow yourself as a leader, change, and transition into something new. Individually and as a leadership team. Our coaching is focused on how to cope with and thrive during change, making you better equipped to take on whatever comes your way. Taking a coaching posture is a natural part of how we engage, and it can be a natural part of how you lead and manage (change) as well.

Business Simulations

We partner with Celemi and we use their business simulations as part of our engagements. It is a very efficient way to prepare for change, learn, explore, discover, and have fun at the same time. We have simulations for different areas: Transformation, Strategy, Organizational Management, Business Acumen, Finance Acumen, Agile, Projects, CSR and more. We provide the business simulation facilitation as standalone programs for 1, 2, or 3 days, or as part of larger engagements described below.

T.H.E Sky is the limit

Taking the liberty to blend our skills and practices allow us a flexible and creative approach to our service delivery. This is what makes us appreciated by our clients. And perhaps, it is a necessary approach in today’s fast-moving world, where we face complexity, rapid change and ambiguity. Off the shelf solutions, pre-concieved ideas and rigid scopes tend to miss the mark. Our Hybrid Experience approach allows us to meet you where you are at and help you move forward where you need to go, in a way that works for you.

Is your ability to Lead & Manage Change a competitive advantage?

Training Programs

Training Programs

How to Lead & Manage Change – with a sharp Edge

We focus on very specific development of leaders: How to lead and manage change. We equip your managers and leaders in a very practical way, with tools, methods, experience, and action plans, to develop a sharper edge leading and managing change, getting to quick action with impact.

Our approach to blend Learning with a Coaching posture, our experience and material from Consulting, and integration of Business simulations allows for a very rich experiential and experimental Learning Experience.

Our clients tell us they appreciate our programs, because we help the participants making the content, the theory and practices relevant for them, in their daily work. We like to say that we meet you where you are at, and then we work out together how to move forward, in a way that works for you. This is what most participants are able to do in our Training Programs.

Our Training Programs are for: Individuals and teams that lead or manage change, people & business during times of change as well as executives & functional managers. There is no specific pre-requisite to engage.

Our portfolio of capabilities with 9 capabilities and 30+ distinct topics is the foundation for the courses. We select topics freely together, to address your needs and wants as well as your business and organizational context, to create the right course(s) for you.

Browse our Portfolio of Capabilities

How our Training Program Works

  1. Advanced courses beyond conventional change management.
  2. Standalone courses from half-day to 3 days, and bespoke programs.
  3. All our content is built on robust academic and scientific theory.
  4. Practical application facilitated by our consulting practice, content, and experience.
  5. We work on clinical (real work-life situations) cases of the participants.
  6. We create and hold a safe space respecting each individual’s integrity.

The Impact we have

  1. Solve problems or make progress on current business and operational challenges.
  2. Acquire knowledge to become better leader & manager over time.
  3. Improve peer collaboration in the team and across teams.
  4. Gain confidence and boost energy to tackle wicked problems.
  5. More impactful communication and relationship management.
  6. Understanidng and working with the emotional aspects of change.
Training Programs
Transformation Programs

Transformation Programs

Be the change you want to create

We can help you make any transformation you undertake more successful. We can take full charge of the Transformation, from the definition and design to the project set-up, management, and transformation program deployment, and all the way through following up the implementation of change in the operations, providing coaching on the job.

Our capabilities portfolio has emerged out of our various client engagements and projects over the years. It contains what we believe are critical elements of success, to Lead & Manage Change. Beyond the content on how to deal with change, our portfolio has also embedded new ways of managing the transformation project itself, as it would be contradictory to bring substantial change and new ways of working through a conventional program structure.

With this in mind, please note that you might not immediately find yourself and recognize a conventional approach to change and transformation program browsing through our portfolio of capabilities. But, it might be worth taking the time to look through it, as it might serve as inspiration and trigger reflections of how you may think differently about your Transformation(s).

Browse our Portfolio of Capabilities

How our Transformation Program Services Work

  1. We work with any industry, function and size of business.
  2. If you do not know what you need, we can help you figure that out.
  3. We scope project and deliverables together.
  4. Flexible engagement to make the most out of your inhouse resources & knowledge.
  5. We co-create the solutions with you, so that they work for you.
  6. We are operational veterans with outstanding academic credentials in change.

The Impact we have

  1. Real change that works in and for the business.
  2. Personal growth of those involved in the program.
  3. Organizational learning beyond scope of the program.
  4. Co-created solutions that can be scaled and replicated in other areas.
  5. Motivated and engaged participants at all levels.
  6. Leadership & Management practices that sticks.
Transformation Programs
Support Programs

Support Programs

Accompanying Leaders and Managers during change

We help Leaders and Managers to cope with all the challenges they have related to change and transformation, that are not supported by existing programs and processes.

  • How to deal with resistance to change in practical settings
  • How to cope with extreme workload, shifting priorities and urgencies.
  • Mental and Emotional health & wellbeing at work.
  • Ensure a well-functioning team with good collaboration.
  • Ensure efficient engagement with peers, boss, and other stakeholders.
  • Cope with and benefit from role evolution and organizational evolution.
  • Contain and work with emotions, anxiety, and organizational defenses.
  • Understand and work with group dynamics.
  • Create a healthy and constructive collaboration in teams.
  • Build a solid foundation for engagement and motivation.
  • And more


We engage in punctual or continuous support of individuals and teams. The work we do is heavily drawing our coaching capabilities, but we are not limited I our work to coaching contracts focused on personal development and change. We also engage in practical sparring sessions on how to deal with operational challenges, practical problems, and business issues. So the solution (or part of it) may be oriented towards behavioral change or introspection, but it may also be oriented towards practical managerial and leadership action.

We have developed this solution, because in times of change, you sometime do not know what you do not know. And you may have limited time to reflect on what is going on and why things are not working.

How our Training Program Works

  1. Explore and Discover new perspectives on your situation.
  2. Reframe problems and challenges that drags you down.
  3. Find practical solutions to pressing problems.
  4. Grow, as a team and as an individual.
  5. Acquire new practical management & leadership tools to manage change.

The Impact we have

  1. XXX
Support Programs
Other Initiatives

Other Initiatives

There is so much we can help you with

Aside from our services in Leadership Development, Transformation & Leadership & Management Support, we also provide services to Design & Facilitate annual kick off and planning workshops, leadership conferences, team building events and other activities intended to stimulate and prepare teams to take on new challenges.

We bring creativity and our full portfolio of capabilities at service to help you package complex messages and topics into powerful interactive sessions that drives engagement.

We provide entertaining and impactful key note sessions (speech and interaction) around the topics of transformation, change, new ways of working and more.

We provide bespoke and off the shelf business simulations that are perfect for company events, from 12-unlimited number of participants, and from 4 hours to 3 days sessions.

We advise and co-design the right agenda and activities for your events, to make the experience consistent and relevant to your objectives.

Engaging with us in these kinds of initiatives creates multiple benefits:

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How our Other Initiatives Services Work

  1. xxx

The Impact we have

  1. The notion of Leading & Managing Change will be present at the right level in the various sessions.
  2. Powered by our portfolio, we will help you to get maximum impact and minimum resistance.
  3. Etc
Other Initiatives