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Re-shaping Roles for Value Creation

In a stable environment, individuals might not need to know how the organisation creates value, and how to contribute to that value in one’s job. Management has already derived the tasks required to complete for the organization to be productive. During times of change and transformation, this does not work anymore. Job tasks, roles and deliverables needs to be continuously reshaped over and over again. It becomes mission impossible for management to keep up and define the right tasks for each employee.

During change, the individual needs to do this work (in dialogue with and during continuous exchange with peers, manager, stakeholder) and for the individual to do this well, they need to understand how value is created in the current / future business, and how he or she could and should contribute to this.

It starts with understanding finance. When everyone understands the company’s financials, you change the conversation about value creation, business decisions and you change how people see their role and contribution in the company.

If you drop the price with 10%, how much does your profit go down? Does everyone in the company know the answer to that question?

How we work with Business Acumen

We work with the clients to understand the financial concepts of profit & loss statement, the balance sheet, the importance of cash flow, working capital, key performance indicators for the business among many other things. We enable clients to connect the financial concepts and elements to the business activities, in the entire value chain of the company, from procurement to manufacturing to sales to cash collection.

From the basic theory and concepts, we accompany clients to integrate the financial knowledge and business acumen into the current existing business challenges, moving from theory and understanding to practical action. We help making the connection between the transformation ambitions, new ways of working in the organization, internalization of roles, and optimizing business performance where everyone pulls in the same direction.

The fundamental knowledge about finance and business can be oriented towards, or contextualized in specific fields of interest, from customer centricity and sales to organization of production facilities. We can steer focus from money to people to process. We can work timeless foundations of management, or focus on new Agile ways of working, or CSR.

Regardless of focus and themes, we help everyone create their own learnings, their own mental models and we help everyone connect the big picture with the daily challenges at hand.


When employees do not understand how value is created and how they contribute to the business success in their respective role, it is really hard to find meaning in the work tasks and take ownership of the outcome and impact of the job.


Improving the financial and business acumen makes work more fun, more meaningful, and helps to get everyone behind change and transformation initiatives to contribute to the overall business success.

How we help

We are working with Celemi, leader in experiential learning solutions, and we provide unique experiences to develop critical competencies in finance, business, strategy, transformation, organisational management, customer centricity and much more.

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