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Get everyone to pull in the same direction!

Perceptions, Perspectives & Interpretations

If you grab a coffee with all the different executives in your organisation, and ask them to elaborate in depth on the Vision, the Strategy, the Change & Transformation, will they tell you the same story?

We know alignment is important, and most leadership teams are aligned. At surface level…. At a closer look, much is left open for interpretation, and senior leaders are inadvertently pulling in different directions, which creates resistance and distractions along the way.

We have developed capabilities to work with leaders to go beyond the obvious superficial alignment and seek in depth understanding throughout the organisation.

This work engages executives to prepare the organisation for change. It removes ambiguity, confusion and friction at all levels and stages of change & transformation, and it creates a positive force that pulls the initiatives forward.

Explore & Discover the right buttons to push to prepare the organisation for change.

How we work with the Business Leadership System

Among many other things, a clear Vision, relevant Measure & Metrics, and solid Leadership Principles stand out as corner stones for any successful enterprise and any significant transformation program. But it is easier said than done to get it right. Vision statements for example, they often take a beating for being corporate meaningless “blabla” buzzwords….

We like vision statements. And we help leadership teams writing good ones. A carefully crafted vision statement becomes a powerful symbol of where everything is heading to. It becomes a symbol of somethign much bigger. What people have in their minds: How they see the world; the business; the organisation; and everything else. Exploring and discovering what is in our minds is a rewarding and inspirational experience that creates the right conditions for everyone to pull in the same direction during change & transformation.

Measures & Metrics are symbols for something bigger as well. Our objectives, targets, kpi’s and milestones carry implicit dreams, ideas, hopes and desires. When we ask, “what does success look like?” “Beyond the numbers?”, we make the implicit explicit. At this point, we start understanding each other at a much deeper level. We find, and give meaning to our tasks at hand, we discover common purpose, and we tap into intrinsic motivation.

Change & Transformation always carry expectations to work in new, different ways. Perhaps work in a “more Agile way”, “putting the customer in the center”, “be more entrepreneurial”, or “take more risk”? Developing these principles in detail, with practical examples and guidance shifts the attention on Transformation and Change from theory & strategy to practice & execution. And the outcome is that individuals and teams across the organisation leapfrogs into the future.


Organisations where leaders are pulling in different directions under the surface suffers from tension, friction, and inefficiency. This dynamic undermines trust, the top leadership may be perceived as saying one thing and doing another one (even though it may be done outside of awareness and with good intentions).


Engaging into an Exploration and Discovery beyond the obvious creates engagement, builds trust, and establishes mutual understanding. This in turn provides the right conditions and readiness for Change in the organisation, and sets the stage for initiatives, projects, and programs to be successful.

How we help

A good way to start is a half day or full day workshop with the leadership team, to Explore and Discover new perspectives and different interpretations of the Change & Transformations at hand. It allows for tangible output that leads to concrete actions, as well as increased self-awareness for the leaders, that guides next steps to take.

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